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About our Nature Space

Our Base Camp

This is the heart of the site. Where we gather for warm or refreshing drinks, kai, stories, songs, chats, campfires and much more. We have a tarp for those really rainy days to provide some shelter. 


Calm spots

We always like to have a few spaces for children and parents to find some calm. There are hammocks around the site, swings nestled in trees, blankets and books under canopy and spots you may find of your own for finding moments of calm, to listen, watch and daydream.

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Natures Playground

When the beautiful Grandmother Oak that stood next to our house fell, we were devastated, but she has gone on to provide so many amazing play areas; climbing logs, cubby holes, seats for bums, firewood- the list goes on. She is also re growing from part fallen and soon we will have many more oak trees. Nature is amazing.

There are plenty of opportunities for  children to climb, balance and explore the control of their bodies and to manage and assess risk.  


Mud kitchen

This is always a busy station with children. No matter the age, kids love the sensory, imaginative and open ended nature of a mud kitchen. Parents get ready to look delighted when presented with a muddy 'cup of tea!' We have planted a herb garden so children can add natural delights to their creations and give their noses a treat at the same time! We also have a little pretend shop so the children can add some treasures to their cooking as they role play. 


Explore Explore Explore

One of the most amazing thing about being in nature is how much it fires up children's imagination. There are so many open ended resources that the opportunities for play and learning are endless, not to mention all the nature observations and learnings. There will also be provocation activities set up for children to explore.


Tools, Fires and Craft

Throughout your child's time at our sessions, there will be opportunities for them to explore craft using natural objects. One of the many benefits to attending sessions over a long period of time is that your child will gain experience and confidence in using tools; peelers, saws, hammers, billhooks, knives to name a few. Using Forest School training to ensure this is done in age appropriate safe ways matched to individual needs of the children. 

We will also do campfires during some sessions. This is a beautiful time to cosy up and come together, learn about fire safety, sing songs, share stories and eat food. 

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